Modular Scroll Air to Water Heat Pump – LSQ Series

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These rugged hermetic compressors are constructed with an integral cast iron frame, cast iron scrolls, three Teflon impregnated bearings, and three oil filtration devices for each compressor. One to thirty-two compressors can run, depending on the load of the system, resulting in excellent Part-load efficiency. Each refrigerant circuit has specially designed oil and gas equalization lines to control oil migration.

The design also offers radial and axial compliance, a large internal volume for liquid handling, a removable suction screen, and a rotary dirt trap and oil screen. In addition, the compressor is self-compensating for wear, handles moderate liquid slugging, and inherently yields high efficiency.

This well protected compressor includes a solid-state motor protection module, 4 individual motor winding sensors, a patented internal discharge temperature probe, and a patented shutdown feature that prevents reverse rotation. An internal discharge check valve helps prevent shutdown noise and comes standard with high and low pressure taps with Schrader valves, a sight glass, an oil level adjustment valve, and an off cycle crankcase heater.


The evaporator is direct expansion, shell-and-tube type with water flowing in the baffled shell side and refrigerant flowing through the tubes. Two independent refrigerant circuits within the evaporator serve the module’s dual refrigerant circuits. The evaporator has a carbon steel shell and seamless high efficiency copper tubes roller expanded into a carbon steel tube sheet. Refrigerant heads are carbon steel with multi-pass baffles to provide oil return. For water removal, 10mm vent and drain plugs are provided on the top and bottom of the shell. An ambient air thermostat controls the heater cable. The fitted and glued in place insulation has a K factor of 0.28. The refrigerant side maximum working pressure is 4400 kPa. The water side working pressure is 1048 kPa. Each evaporator is designed, constructed, inspected, and stamped according to the requirements of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code.


Condenser coils have internally enhanced seamless copper tubes arranged in a staggered row pattern. The coils are mechanically expanded into flat aluminum fins with full fin collars. Golden Fin is available for corrosive atmosphere.

Fans-The condenser fans are composed of corrosion resistant aluminum hub and glass-fiber-reinforced polypropylene composite blades molded into a low noise airfoil section. They are designed for maximum efficiency and are statically and dynamically balanced for vibration-free operation. They are directly driven by independent motors, and positioned for vertical air discharge.

The fan guards are constructed of heavy-gauge, rust-resistant, coated steel. Motors-The fan motors are totally enclosed air-wver, squirrel-cage type. They feature ball bearings that are double-sealed and permanently lubricated


LSQ series is the latest series of medium capacity chillers and heat pumps produced by GREE for medium size commercial and industrial applications. It comes in a range of four basic models of Modular installation in up to 16 units of 65, 80 and 8 units of 130 and 160 KW, in a max combination of up to 1.144 kW in total, utilizing eco-friendly R410a refrigerant.

Big capacity – High Efficiency under Full Load & Excellent Part Load Performance

Utilizing new scroll compressor technology, the chillers meet or exceed the performance requirements of ASHRAE 90.1. All system components are selected for optimum performance, including the condenser coil areas and evaporator sizes.

With the use of multi compressors, unloading characteristics and part load performance (IPLV performance indicator as outlined in ARI Standard 550/590-1998) are outstanding.

Compact Design with Small Footprint Quiet Operation

The chillers feature a unique design that allows air intake even during modular applications with zero gap and quiet scroll compressors and fans selected for good performance and lower sound levels. The attention to detail with sound is critical in the design. Small issues such as refrigerant piping, supports for piping, securing components to the structure are all important to making a quiet product. We proudly publish our sound performance.

Superior Controls

GREE provides the latest technology in control. The new controller provides a user friendly environment to the operator. The control logic is designed to provide maximum efficiency, to help provide continuing operation in unusual operating conditions through proactive controls, and a history of conditions to aid in problem resolutions. Perhaps the greatest benefit is the Protocol for integrating with your building automation system (BAS).