Air to Water Scroll Heat Pump – HLR Series

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High end Scroll compressors built into a carefully designed refrigerating circuit allows big capacity increased energy efficiency, certified by Eurovent. The unit is able to control an auxiliary heating source, such as an electric heater, petrol or gas burner, during low ambient temperature operation.

Quiet Operation
Redesigned low noise fan motor and fan blade, together with a high end water pump along with other noise reduction techniques, built into the design, allow a low overall operation noise level.

The sophisticated control system allows a central control effect by joining up to 8 indoor FCUs to a central protocol, able to control the system locally.


This series of compact mini heat pump, ranging from 8 to 45 kW is the ideal solution for small and medium household and light commercial applications. All units come complete with a hydronic assembly and can be installed as a split system for capacities from 8 to 15 kW and a compact modular type from 22 to 45 kW. It incorporates a water pump, flow switch, expansion vessel, water replenishment and safety valve.

Convenient Installation
Easy to install versatile split type hydronic assembly for 8 to 15 kW units allow indoor installation for low temperature anti freeze protection. Compact units from 22 to 45 kW enjoy a special designed air outflow in 45 degrees allowing installation in a limited space.